Thursday, April 28, 2016

Well, that didn't work out as we expected

Port Arthur, 20 years on: Australia has more guns than ever:

 From the late 1970s, gun deaths in Australia have trended downwards. The risk of an Australian dying by gunshot remains less than half what it was before Port Arthur. But firearm fatalities have not disappeared. There were 200 gun deaths last year. Around 80 per cent were not a crime, but suicides and accidental deaths.
As for the criminal element, it goes beyond homicide. Gangs, bikies and drug rings typically use handguns for protection and the most common weapon used in attempted murder in 2014 was a firearm. “Most gun homicides are committed by people who know each other well,” said Prof Alpers. “Stranger danger is a lower risk than people realise. “The majority of gun owners are law-abiding people who need them as legitimate tools. As with terrorism, you have to legislate for the minority.” One of the biggest effects of the amnesty, according to Prof Alpers, is that semi-automatic weapons — rapid-fire rifles and shotguns — have been replaced with single-shot firearms ...
Funny; they thought that getting rid of guns would get rid of violence.

They can't take 'em away fast enough in California

They say that like it's a BAD thing!

California gun-seizure backlog remains despite $24 million | 89.3 KPCC:

An additional $24 million that was supposed to end the backlog in a unique California firearms seizure program has reduced the waitlist only about 40 percent, according to a report released Monday.
 That leaves a backlog of nearly 13,000 gun owners who bought firearms legally but were later convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor, became subject to a domestic violence restraining order or were determined to be mentally unstable.
 Officials said the extra money in 2013 would let Attorney General Kamala Harris' office end a backlog of nearly 21,000 people within three years. The remaining backlog of nearly 12,700 gun owners is the lowest it's been since 2008, Harris said. The report she released Monday cites recent expansions of the state's gun control laws for the continued backlog.

This in a state which already has among the strongest anti-gun laws in the nation.  

And they still say they don't want to take your guns away ... but {sigh} they just gotta ... they can even do so without giving your a day in court to defend your civil rights.

It's like the Nazi's couldn't find enough boxcars.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Death Of A Thousand Cuts (90%)

Will President Obama Regulate Guns Out Of Existence? | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD:
President Obama wants to put gun dealers out of business. When he was a state senator in Illinois, he supported a ban on the sale of handguns and all semi-automatic guns as well as a ban on selling guns within five miles of a school or a park.  While the president obviously can’t just ban them, he can use regulations to make their lives more difficult. For some dealers it may be a slow death of a thousand regulatory cuts ...
The increasing "cost of doing business" for firearms retailers has caused a lot of problems in 'the business' for the past several years.

In my small town, I've seen the number of firearms dealers go from three, to one, to none in the past 15 years.  It's not just Obama'; it's the increasingly more critical climate of firearms ownership.
Which has been championed by  (you saw this coming, didn't you?) The Democratic Party.

Never was there a party with less joy (except for the hosts) in this College Town.

This is a Democratic State.  Every elected official, from the Mayor through the County Commissioners to the Senators and the Governor are Democrats.  And they're all just fine with the current trend.

There use to be a republican here and there, but ... no, I don't want to talk about it.
It's too painful, and I don't want to frighten the children.

The electorate is quite happy with the current state of political influence.  Well, we have three or four main population centers, and these 'big cities' have a lot of people on Welfare and other versions of the Political Dole, so one might say that the party has bought the electorate.

Not the People; just the Electorate.

Surprisingly, 90% of the people outside of the few 'big cities' .... and we're talking about people who control 90% of the land ... are more conservative.

If my poor state is any indication, then ... yes, Obama HAS the support to regulate guns out of existance.

The Hoi Polloi will not object.  They will still receive their monthly stipend (provided by the small percent who actually pay taxes, bolstered by Corporations who provide the bulk of tax income to The State).

I may have exagerated; it may not be 90% who are on the dole; a significant percentage of the working populace are employed by governmental agencies (as I was for 30 years), but the labor unions have ways of dealing with malcontents.

Still ... I can find a gun dealer within an hour's drive from my home, but he only has a very limited stock.  (He's something of a 'special order" shop.)
I can't find a gunsmith nearby unless I go to the jack-leg guy who isn't really professionally trained, but he can install a sight or a new barrel and probably even detail-strip a 1911 and put it back together 'right'.

Why can't I find gun guys?
I'm not blaming Obama.  The truth is, the demand for firearms support industries has diminished to the point where folks would rather just do without a broken gun than try to find someone to fix it for them.

That's not universally true, but it's true enough to be significant.  There isn't enough business in gun maintenance here to support anyone in a 'full time job'.   New shooters are few and far between.  They are out there, and I meet a lot of them teaching my "Introduction to USPSA" class.  But when their guns go south (as they will),  I have no evidence that they are willing to get them fixed.  Nobody has asked me for a reference to a "gunsmith" for 15 years.

Whatever Obama is doing, he's good at that part, at least. I wish he was as presidential as he is obstructionist.

Gun Deaths in Gun-Free England?

How is this possible, in oh-so-proudly-gun-free England?

Detective sacked over Mark Duggan gun enquiry - BBC News:
 A detective has been sacked over his failed investigation into an associate of Mark Duggan, whose shooting by police sparked riots in August 2011. The probe centred on Mr Duggan's associate, Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, who beat a man with a gun in east London. Six days after the attack he gave the same gun to Mr Duggan, who was shot 15 minutes later by armed police. The police watchdog found errors in how an officer, named only as DC Faulkner, conducted the initial investigation. The officer was dismissed without notice. Mr Duggan, 29, was shot by police in Tottenham, north London, on 4 August 2011.

Hillary's Rabid Anti-Gun Primary Campaign Stance Explained

Hillary is 'violently' against guns; it says so here!   (click image for full-size view)

In one Clinton commercial, the daughter of slain Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung speaks of the “giant hole” left in her life by the murder of her mother. The daughter, Erica Smegielski, goes on to say that Clinton reminds her of her mother.

It isn't the guns; it's the votes.
By campaigning against guns in the primary, Hillary gains a disproportionate share  of delegate votes in states where anti-gun bias is important.  
Clarity Campaign Labs, a data strategy group that works primarily for Democrats but is not affiliated with either presidential campaign, has developed a model that assigns voters a score, out of 100, indicating their propensity to support gun control. The higher the number, the more likely the voter favors strong restrictions on firearms. According to John Hagner, a partner at the firm, in the upcoming primaries "the kind of Democrats who agree with Hillary on guns tend to live in areas that have the most delegates."
In Pennsylvania, surveys have put Clinton on pace to win again, even as her statements on gun policy stand in stark contrast with her 2008 positions. The Clinton of 2016 may alienate gun-owning Democrats in rural central Pennsylvania, but that swath of the state also offers the fewest delegates. By contrast, in Pennsylvania's second congressional district, which includes most of Philadelphia and awards seven Democratic delegates—more than any other district in the state—Clarity calculates a gun violence prevention score of 74.5. And the second district is surrounded by other delegate-rich districts with similarly high propensities to back gun reform. The pattern holds throughout the states that will vote over the next two weeks. 
(emphasis added)

Of course Hillary hasn't always held exactly the same opinions; in this interview from October in 2015, The HillaBeast had a softer view:

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Simmering Resentment

Shooting during prom at Antigo High School in Wisconsin - BNO News
Two students have been injured in northern Wisconsin after a person armed with a rifle opened fire at Antigo High School, officials say. The suspected gunman, [name withheld], who was immediately shot by a nearby police officer, has died, according to Langlade County Coroner Larry Shadick.
('name not displayed' on this website)

Adolescent Angst

We'll be hearing a lot about [name withheld] in the days and weeks to come.   He'll be described as "not popular", or even "a loner".   He couldn't get a date to the prom.   He was not a good student.

The Gun Control crowd will rush to get "FIRST!" honors to ask "Where did he get the gun?" and "Why wasn't he diagnosed as mentally deficient" (pick your own favorite issue) and demand new levels of gun control.

The president will come on television and weep crocodile tears, while all the time feeling vindicated for his new Presidential Findings that "we have to do something" about Gun Violence..

Hillary and Bernie will vie to be "FIRST" to decry the rising levels of Gun Violence.

Because "never let a crisis go to waste".

But nobody will expect an answer as to why a kid will shoot up his prom.

It's not about "Gun Violence", so no new laws which 'they' might suggest will ever curb the trend.  It's not about guns, it's about ... what's the word?

Oh, yeah.

Here's the word:   Losers

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Murphy's Law

Denver police to fire guns Friday night to test ShotSpotter system | FOX31 Denver:
DENVER -- Don't be alarmed if you hear gunfire in Denver on Friday night because the city will be testing its high-tech ShotSpotter system. 
It's a crime-fighting tool designed to notify police when gunfire breaks out. ShotSpotter uses cameras and microphones to alert police the second a gun goes off. The system being tested is in District 2 and District 4, in the northeast and southwest parts of the city. And police stress there will be no danger to the public.
 “I  know the testing will be safe," said Marcus Fountain with the Denver Police Department. "We will be capturing all the rounds in a trap. We also have a shield behind the trap."
[emphasis added]

Have any of you ever heard of "Muphy's Law"?

You probably think it's just: "If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will."


It's more complicated than that.
Murphy's law is a popular adage that states that "things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance," or more commonly, "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." A number of variants on the rule have been formulated, as have several corollaries,
.. so before you go shooting around the city, for the very best purposes and with the highest possible safety precautions, please allow us to offer this tiny bit of advice:

Be Afraid!
Be VERY Afraid!

"Empty Holster" protest vindicated!

South Alabama admits citing student for empty holster was a mistake:
The University of South Alabama offered an official apology Thursday to a student who was given a citation for “threatening the safety of campus” with an empty holster. 
We tried to tell you.

The funny thing is,
  GOOD teachers learn as much from their students as their students learn from them.

In this case .. perhaps more.

It's AMAZING what you can learn, when you only stop to listen.

Perhaps it's not too late for these children to learn, too.  Has anyone tried to talk to them?

Or to their "educators"?

No,  Probably not.


I see from his blogspot that my long-distance blogger friend Kevin Bacon Baker (Smallest Minority. and I ALWAYS get his name wrong the first try) is on his way to the Boomershoot in Idaho.

.And he has experienced some problems in his travel, which make him a True BOOMERSHOOTER .. because if it was easy, anybody could do it.

I attended a couple of the early Boomershoots (with sometimes inconvenient consequences), and I agree with Robert Duval about the smell of Napalm in the Morning.  Except it's a little more ... emphatic .. when you hit a gallon jug of  impact-sensitive explosives and it results in an exceedingly satisfying fireball.

I went to both events with my friend "Bumstead", who was a Microsoft Teckie from Mulkiteo (sp) near Seattle.  He didn't have any rifles, so I brought my two best rifles.

The first was a .25-06 built on a 1903A3 action by my father with a birds-eye maple stock, shooting 117 gr Nosler HPBT bullets (no photo available), and the second was a custom-made (from 'the ground up') .22-250 shooting 56gr HP bullets (see photo below).  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Special Circumstances"? Isn't living in NYC enough?

John Stossel Tried to Get a Gun Permit in New York — Here’s How That Turned out for Him:
Fox Business’s John Stossel tried to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun in New York. In a segment for his self-titled show, Stossel walks viewers through the steps that New York requires residents to go through for firearm permits, which can take as long as a year.

Apparently (see the video), the only 'Special Circumstances' which are considered is whether you're a "SPECIAL!" person.

I feel pretty special about living in the Wild Wild West, where I don't really "need" a carry license, and the local cops don't care ... they gave me one anyway.

John, why don't you move here and just 'phone in' your reports?


Bernie Sanders and the 'Right to Sue' Gun Suppliers -

Since he launched his campaign, Sanders has taken flak from Clinton and other gun controllers for supporting the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which bans lawsuits based on "the harm solely caused by the criminal or unlawful misuse of firearm products or ammunition products by others when the product functioned as designed and intended." But both before and after he cosponsored a bill aimed at repealing that law, he defended the principle it embodies, which suggests his actual opinion has not changed.
Sanders' opinion on PLCAA seems to have gravitated to the 'other side'; he no longer has the testicular fortitude to stand up for his previously stated opinion.
Has he changed his opinion, or has he merely chosen to have "no opinion" because in the Democratic party, people who own firearms are Socially Unacceptable?

Doesn't matter; whatever position he espouses changes from one day to the next, which is the definition of a politician who has no goal other than to pander to whatever demographic seems most vocal .. today.

Which will change tomorrow.

This is POLITICS; it's not Leadership.

Academia and "Gun Rights" .... not happening!

Prof Who Won't Recommend a Pro-Gun Student Is Everything That's Wrong with Academia - Hit & Run :
A professor recently wrote a candid essay in which she confessed a secret: she didn't want to write a letter of recommendation for a student, solely because this student has different views (presumably) about gun rights.
Apparently, this professor has chosen to judge her student solely by the "content of her character" .. and found her lacking.  Because her student has a political value which differs from hers.

The professor wrote:
She seems to be a good kid, Sarah. And I don’t know what she really thinks of gun advocacy and political failures that have cost us all these lives and our sense of safety as educators. I don’t know what she does on the weekends. I also don’t know if she understands emotions, or what real rage feels like. It seems to me no person who has truly experienced the full impact of their own emotions would ever go near a gun. 
Perhaps the "content of her character" is the reigning factor here.  The Professor seems to wonder about the character of The Student ... and she confesses that her refusal to recommend a student is dependent on that "character" rather than the academic work the student has done.

That is not the job of a professor.  In Academia, the priority when recommending a student is the quality of her work; political (and even 'moral') issues should be transparent when judging the value of the student.

This professor has obviously been caught up in the politics of Academia, and she has forgotten her role as an instructor; which is ... to teach.

Not to teach her personal political/sociological priorities, but to teach her students how to THINK.

A competent teacher would find satisfaction in the success of a student who disagrees with her.

As it is, this professor seems incapable of separating her professional judgement from political correctness, or to focus on academic achievement of her student.  It doesn't matter if "Sarah" seems to be "a good kid".  It only matters if "Sarah" has met or exceed academic standards.
(Unfortunately, we don't have that information; we only have the demonstration of angst from the professor, who seems to have forgotten her role in a teaching environment.)

If this university professional had been able to do her job, she would not find herself in such a moral quandary, which she clearly defines when she says:.
So what do I do? Do I write her a recommendation because I originally said yes? Do I say no and explain myself? Do I ignore her email? 
No.  What you do is to write a sterling recommendation, and then quit your day job.  When you find yourself in a moral quandary, it's a clear sign that you are less competent than Sarah is.

I'm very disappointed in you.

(All of this professorial Angst is just pissing me off!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Hand-gun malfunctions; they happen.  Sometimes you can just call it a day and go home ... if you're at a pistol match.  Other times there are immediate remedial actions which you can perform to quickly resolve the problem.

(I'm not even going to try to address rifle malfunctions: too many types of actions, and generally the resolution is "go home, you're screwed", such as when you can't extract a fired cartridge.)

Here are the five most common types of firearm malfunctions, and the things you can do with them.  The first three are typical of semi-automatic pisols, and the fourth is typical of revolvers: but SQUIBS can happen to everyone!

1: Failure to Feed
2: Stovepipe
3. Uncategorized
4. locked cylinder (Revolver Only)
5: Squib

Tough Talk

Last December, the NY Times decided that the scent of blood in the water was strong enough for them to talk tough.

Tough Talk and a Cowardly Vote on Terrorism - The New York Times:
“If you need proof that Congress is a hostage to the gun lobby, look no further than today’s vote,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein, who sponsored the terror watchlist measure. 

This was the 'watchlist' which was equivalent to a "No Fly List' (go look it up), which "identified" people terrorists who were not allowed to fly in American airspace.

The only problem with the "Terrorist Watch List" has been that nobody knows who is on it, nobody know why they're on it, and there is no mechanism in place to take your name off it.  If you're on it.

Which you don't know.

So, this is the "watchlist" which Dianne Feinstein (aka: "Princess DI") and the New York Times felt should identify "Bad People" last December, and it's the 'watchlist' which Liberals have decided should be the definitive identifier of "Bad People'.  (My best guess is, it would be a list of people who are not "Reliable Citizens" .. aka "People Who Disagree With Princess DI!")

But Senator Princess DI has decided that anyone who is on the No-Fly List shouldn't be allowed to purchase a firearm.  No, it does NOT matter why they're on the No-Fly List; it's enough that they are on it, and her outrage that not everybody agrees with her .... knows no bounds!


"Inviting Tragedy"

The correct response when “ordered” to do something like this is “Fuck You, Sir.”

H/T: Say Uncle

It wasn't just the NRA that campaigned against CDC funding for their "Gun Control" agenda

DRGO’s 1996 Congressional Testimony: Defunding Gun Control Politics at the CDC – Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership:
 Recently I’ve written a lot about when an internal medicine specialist, a neurosurgeon, and I testified before the House Appropriations Committee recommending that Congress refuse to pay for gun control-motivated junk science.  We had all independently become aware of and alarmed by the trend of medical journals and societies using their prestige to generate results-oriented research articles that all carried the same message—guns are like virus, and owning them is a disease.
People have been complaining lately, on the Internet, that CDC has been forbidden funding for their politically motivated campaign against Civilian Firearms Ownership.

This document provides a wider viewpoint.

The NRA may have been the most public complainant against the CDC using public funding to promote their political bias, but other governmental agencies were aware of, and campaigned, against CDC's anti-gun agenda.

It's worth the read.

Oh, wait!  While you're at it, you might also want to read THIS commentary on DRGO's efforts to stem California's "Junk Science" measures.

Bad Judgement or Poor Training?

Poorly-trained NYPD officer Peter Liang will not see any prison time for a negligent discharge of his duty pistol that killed an innocent bystander.
Judge's decision: Both.

But I would like to see the NYPD Training Officer's annual review.

Observations from a Combat Marksmanship Trainer

OOOOOooooo this sounds like something that I, as a USPSA/IPSC competitor, should consider anathema!

Blue Force Gear:

And last but not least,
Competition Shooting Competition shooting is fun and exciting, but can actually be hazardous to your long-term health should you ever get in a gun fight and apply some of the 'match winning' techniques to try and win the gunfight. You don't get a staged walk-through in a life-or-death situation, and there is no range officer to tell you to load and make ready. I bring this up because I have seen students in classes who shoot a lot of competition and repeatedly begin a drill with an empty weapon. This in an era when over 40 states have concealed carry! Unreal.
Nope.  I've got no problem with what he said. He's right.

In competition we are accustomed to a "Cold Range" environment.

That's fair; USPSA is like a box o' Chawklets, you never know what you're gonna get.

Some of the folks who show up at a match ... well, most of them are very competent.  But it takes a while to build the skills, so we're all just as happy that it's a Cold Range Policy.

So we're accustomed to the "Belt AND Suspenders" philosophy of Range Safety.  Because we just want everyone to go home at the end of the day, and we are way finicky about "blood on the range".

But a lot of folks put away their competition gear at the end of the day, and when they start their drive home, they're back in Condition One.

Because when you drive out the gate, you're in a whole different world.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ron Avery, Sight Alignment and Calling Your Shot

When I first started to think that I might want to do a LOT of IPSC/USPSA shooting, I actually invested in a series of video tapes (yes, I am that old) which provided a basic course of "how to do this stuff".

The source: Ron Avery's Three-tape (VHS) called "Secrets of a Professional Shooter".

(It's still reviewed here on VHS, and available here on DVD.)

It helped me a lot, and I was impressed when I watched him shooting Pepper Poppers on the move; I was encouraged because I eventually discovered that I too could do that .... just a lot slower.

Now he's got a quick video out on The Truth About Guns, called "Your Rear Sight Matters, Too".

He's still the master of 'shooting on the move', as far as I'm concerned.   And although the content may seem elementary to some viewers, there are pertinent tips about shooting in both a competition and in a self-defense situation.

One element which I thought was underplayed in this very short tutorial was the importance of 'calling your shots'.   I'd like to see someone put up a well-edited commentary on that methodology.

When I teach a class I try to stress the importance of 'calling your shot', but the class is too short (only four hours, one of those hours in lecture mode) to really TRAIN people in this important skill.  You can tell them "take a mental snapshot of the sight picture when the shot breaks, and replay it".  It's better than nothing, but I'm sure there is someone who can produce a professional level video which demonstrates the process.

Still, it's great to see Ron Avery back in the role of Tutor, which he does so well.

Now, if I can dust off the VHS player, I think I'll go re-watch his 3-part video.  I know there's still lots of stuff I can learn from Mister Shoot-On-The-Move.