Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Honest, Officer, I thought that hooker was my grand-daughter!

Prosecutor Gives 87-Year-Old Man a Pass: (NEWSER) –
(September 02, 2015) in Michigan ... Cops have a Heart

An 87 year old Michigan man was busted for soliciting prostitution last June.

The cops let him go, on the grounds that he had ".. lived 87 years without so much as a blot on his criminal record."

Frankly, if a man at 87 years is out trolling for  *(ahem)* feminine companionship, I think they ought to give him a standing ovation.


Maybe that's what he was looking for from the hooker.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Not that anybody wants to take your guns away, but ....

Why the US Leads the World in Mass Shootings:
(August 24, 2015)
Lankford says that the main lesson from the study is an obvious one: Mass shootings can be reduced if the number of guns in circulation is reduced, as happened after a spate of shootings in Australia. "I didn't come into this study with any gun control agenda—I just let the data speak for itself," Lankford tells Deutsche Welle. "Whether people are willing to act on it is another question."
Any suggestions, Mr. Lankford, about how this reduction might be accomplished?

Houston, We Have A Problem

12 ways to spot a potentially violent person in the workplace - Houston Chronicle:

How many times have you read about a workplace shooting, and the employees said something like, “I’m not surprised he did this,” or, “He always gave me the creeps, but I never thought he’d actually kill anybody”?
Experts on workplace violence offer a psychological profile of the typical perpetrator, and it’s worth the while of businesses to know the signs.

I'm not too sure how expert the experts are, but several of their 12-points seem to make sense.  In a creepy sort of way.

Essentially, if the person is a creepy loner who's always mad and seems power hungry ...

... he may be a "potentially violent person".

Or he may just be you, on a bad day.

For what it's worth, I found it somewhere between amusing and interesting.

(Note:  Not NEARLY as interesting as the "You Just Might Be A Redneck" thingie.)

ATF: Don't Ask!

Wondering if Something is ATF-Legal? Don't Ask. -

.... He asked if shouldering a rifle-caliber pistol with a SIG forearm brace was indeed illegal, and was told in no uncertain terms that yes, it is. Heck, they even showed him the ruling. Shouldering a pistol with a forearm brace magically classifies it as a short-barreled-rifle (SBR), which is taboo and requires certain tapdance numbers and bribery of the government (a.k.a. “tax stamp”) in order to be legal. The nameless agents, who spoke with him on the condition of anonymity, added that the reason this ruling was made is that too many of us asked too many questions.

"Too many of us asked too many questions?"
  I'm ... without words!

WIN-7 & WIN-8 due for intrusive updates

Windows 10 Worst Feature Installed On Windows 7 And Windows 8 - Forbes:

 Laughing at Microsoft MSFT 0.00%’s controversial data mining and privacy invasions within Windows 10? Well Windows 7 and Windows 8 users should laugh no longer as this most hated spying is now headed your way… Software specialist site gHacks has discovered that Microsoft has pushed four new updates to both Windows 7 and Windows 8 which introduce new data collecting and user behaviour tracking features.

Damn!  I had settled into the smug satisfaction that I won't be installing Win-10 in the near future.  Now, what difference does it make?

I hate new operating systems; they're only installed when the old ones finally get all the bugs out of them.  Now they're adding new bugs!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I coulda tolja so .. but you wouldn't listen

Man Dies Attempting Appendix Carry Reholster In Milkwaukee - Bearing Arms - appendix carry, Milwaukee, Negligent Discharge, Timothy Phonisay, Wisconsin:
Posted by  on August 23, 2015 at 3:43 pm

A 22-year-old Milwaukee man accidentally shot himself in the femoral artery around 11:00 PM Friday evening while attempting to reholster a pistol. Despite the best efforts of the local hospital trauma units, Timothy Phonisay did not survive his wounds.
Level I; Level II; Level III

Level Dead

The problem with "Appendix Carry" is that the shot heard around your apartment isn't going into your foot; it's going into the parts you love the best.

Like, the blood-spurty parts.

You know what the warnings are, I won't repeat them.


Why are you trying the oh-so-chic carry method, anyway?

Is it to keep the bad guys from shooting you?  And what does it gain you, if you shoot yourself?

Geez .. the bad guys might have given you a "Flesh Wound".  But guess what?  These are the worst kind of wounds: the soft tissue, the blood-carrying tissue; the kind that kill you..

We should learn something from this.

But we probably won't.

The Qualities Demanded of an Infantry Officer

The Army Looks to the Future | RealClearDefense:

 Army organizations must be led by the highest caliber of officer. Ideal officers should always take the initiative and be capable of daring feats due to high self-confidence and a creative imagination. Their physical and moral courage must be unquestionable and they need a physical stamina that is equal to their mental flexibility. Leadership is the most important element in the Army and we have been blessed to continue to find excellent combat capable leaders because of our great education system.
I read this article with great interest, because it reflected lessons I had learned during my own limited military experience:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How much does it cost to Buy Oregon?

Bloomberg Spends $764,232.35 Buying Oregon Background Check Bill:

It was the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund that spent $764,232.35 in the reporting period covered, eclipsing even the Oregon teachers lobbying arm by $484,055.
There are about 800,000 Democrats in Oregon.
And about 110,000 independents.
Also, there are 530,000 "non-affiliated" voters in Oregon.

Versus about 650,000 Republicans.

That's right:  "Independents" and "Non-affiliated" voters total 640,000 votes.

So to beat the Republicans, you have to sway the independents and non-affiliated voters .. and only 10,000 Democrats.

[Demographics Source: Oregon Secretary State Voter Registration by County stats for July, 2015.. just to be fair]

Assuming (and these are gross assumptions) that the Independents and Unaffiliated split on this vote,
and that Dems and Reps split along party lines.. then the price of a Democratic vote is less than One Dollar American.

This is, of course, a bizarre assumption.  The dems are 90% anti-gun (cleave to the party line) but there are some registered Dems who have a slight tinge of blue.  So it may not be too magnanimous to say that you couldn't buy a Democratic vote in Geekistan for LESS THAN $1.00.

I'm just kidding.

The Democratic votes are already 'a sure thing'.  The cost of a Democrat's vote?  FREE!  Just pat them on the head and tell them what good boys and girls they are, and you can spend the rest of your three-quarters of a million dollars trying to persuade the 'Independents",  :Unaffiliated" voters.

Which, combined into a group, come MUCH more dearly than a Democrat.  And these people RULE Oregon!  (See below)

Monday, August 24, 2015

More crimes? Detroit solution: More guns!

Packing heat in Detroit: Motown residents answer police chief's call to arms | Fox News:

With a population of about 680,000, some 83 percent of which is African-American, Detroit's growing embrace of Second Amendment rights has a racial component that is not unique to the city. According to a recent survey from Pew Research Center, 54 percent of African-American residents nationwide now see legal gun ownership as more likely to protect people than to put their safety at risk. That figure was up from 29 percent two years ago.
 “If anyone should have the right or need to carry a gun, it should be the African-American community,” Philip Smith, founder of the National African American Gun Association, told Reuters.
Responding to encouragement by Detroit Police Chief James Craig Detroit Denizens are applying for .. and getting ... licenses to carry concealed handguns.

It's almost as if someone is actually listening to the NRA, and discovered that time-worn bromide is exactly the right solution to the awful problem of unbridled violence: a good man (or men, or good women) with a gun.

America has come a long way since the Jim Crow laws, and it hasn't been easy.   The first thing was to understand and accept that the whole race thing was a non starter, and get the most qualified candidates into the right job..

Maybe that's what happened to Detroit.  And Chief James Craig may be part of the answer.

Whatever it takes, Craig has been encouraging the citizens of the near-bankrupt Motor City to assume responsibility for their own safety.   How?  By applying for permits to carry concealed weapons, and seeing to it that they get the needed training to be effective.

The city finds it hard to maintain as many police officers as it needs, so Craig has been working to get his fellow citizens to take some responsibility for their own safety ... Not least because the overburdened department cannot guarantee a rapid response to a call for help.

You won't find Craig on Wikipedia, but you'll find him in Detroit, making the tough decisions.


America's 1st Freedom | Brady's Empty Suits:
“It’s been a bad year,” Sean Connery’s character says in “The Wind and the Lion.” “The next one will probably be worse.” The Brady Campaign’s Legal Action Project might as well say the same, as the group’s attempts to legally destroy legitimate gun manufacturers and dealers have met repeated defeats that were capped, this June, by a blow that threatens to destroy the Project’s very existence.

What's that word ... the word I'm looking for.

Oh, now I remember.

Thank you, NRA

Great White Shark Jumps Out Of Water Chasing Seal Off Cape

Great White Shark Jumps Out Of Water Chasing Seal Off Cape  CBS Boston: \

CHATHAM(CBS) – There have been plenty of shark sightings off the Massachusetts coast this summer, but none quite like this. Dr. Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries was working with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy off Monomoy, Cape Cod Monday when a great white shark jumped out of the water trying to grab a seal. It appears the seal escaped.

Oh, go look at the pictures!

Washington State Can't Stop Gun Violence ... Part II

Last week I posted a commentary on Seattle, Washington mayors proposed gun control measures (both regulation and taxation).

This week, NSSF threatened suit if he signed the proposed laws.

Mayor Murray signed the bill Friday.

Today, he got sued.

Maybe Mayor Murray reads the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch?

PS:  Ordinarily, I would have merely cursed the mayor, as in "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your scrotum".

But being sued by the NSSF?  Oh, MUCH better.

Is there a Full Moon in Ohio today?

The Moonbats are out in full raving lunacy and this article in the Columbus Dspatch provides a forum for their howling.

I'm trying to convince myself that the proposal to "license ammunition" (and tax it, too!) was written tongue in cheek, but I'm afraid that the author was probably quite sincere in his demagoguery.

Just a short list of author Ted Schaefer's proposed measures:

Item:  You can only buy "bullets" for a gun that you can prove you own.  When you sell the gun, you have to return all the bullets.

Item:  A "BULLET BUYBACK" program.  (Like the gun buy-back program which has worked so well.)

Item: Bullet Buyers buy a bullet license, renewable every 5 years AFTER a new photo and Doctor's certification that you haven't turned into a raving lunatic in the interim.

Personally, I think Mr Shaefer should be calling his doctor for an appointment.

(H/T: The Gun Feed)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The French live up to expectations; they run and hide

France train shooting crew left passengers to take terrorist down | Daily Mail Online:

Train staff on board the high speed train which was the scene of a suspected Islamic extremist attack yesterday have been accused of barricading themselves in their staffroom and locking the door, leaving passengers to fend for themselves. The Moroccan terrorist was disarmed and beaten unconscious by US servicemen and a British man after he opened fire on a Paris-bound train with a Kalashnikov.
My comments:

A chicken walks into a bar.  The bartender says: "Hey, why the long beak?"
The chicken replies mournfully:  "Je Suis Francais".

The last French citizen I admired was Brigitte Bardot.

Once again, America and Great Britain have saved the French people.

I'm very proud of the Americans who saw what needed to be done and did it ... Right Damn Now!
Cool thinking and an immediate, overwhelmingly aggressive response were all that was required to eliminate the threat; but nobody expected that on a French Train.

(One of the "Immediate Responders" was from Oregon ... Roseburg is going to give him a great homecoming!  I hope to be there to shake his hand.)

PS:  Dear France, here's the way the "Surrender Position" is suppose to work:

PPS: One more word to the French:


UPDATE:  How America is responding to potential terrorist attacks on Amtrack

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Unfortunate Conjugation of News Releases?

Sometimes, the new is not just chock-full-o-nuts.

This is not one of those times.


NASA confirms we won’t all be killed by an asteroid next month: There is no asteroid threatening Earth\ NASA titled its Wednesday announcement, saying that numerous recent blogs and web postings “are erroneously claiming” that an asteroid will hit the planet at some point from September 15th and September 28th near Puerto Rico.

and then:



Los Angeles (AFP) - Major League Baseball players are urging action to improve safety after another fan was hurt at a game on Friday night.
Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander took to Twitter to push for changes after a woman was hit by a foul ball in the eighth inning of the Tigers' home game against the Texas rangers.
Obviously, (a) the world may end this week but not because of a foul-asteroid, but (b) Chicken Little thinks that baseballs may be all it takes.

It hurts to feel this vulnerable.